Google Penguin Ruined Your SEO
Do you know what SEO is? SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is how your website is indexed and found on the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing! According to HubSpot, what some people might call a cute furry animal, has caused it...
Ad Week's Ad of the Day
Today's ad of the day according to Ad Week is an Old Spice commercial! In this commercial Old Spice will give you so much confidence, that you can break up with Heather Graham. Check it out for yourself!
TNT is Drama!
Everyone watching commercials. Whether you pay attention to them or not, they will follow you everywhere. TNT came up with a very creative commercial to emphasize that they are the network for drama! Check it out!
British Blogger Incarcerated for Tweets
In today's news, a British blogger was arrested for making some inappropriate tweets towards a council member. What happened to freedom of speech? Do you think the blogger should be incarcerated? Read more here.
Tech Crunch Gives Away Nokia Lumia 900
Attention all tech people, Tech Crunch is giving away a Nokia Lumia 900! Read more on how you can win!
First All-In-One Touchscreen PC
Toshiba debuted it's first all-in-one touchscreen PC! It has Windows 8 capability and might be what the future has in store in the tech world. Read more about it from the original Mashable article.
Facebook Buys Instagram
The Twitterverse has exploded about Facebook purchasing Instagram. Instagram is a mobile app to take photos and you are able to edit them in funky fashions. Instagram was previously known as an iPhone app only, but just recently they released an Android...
IPhone 5 Rumor
There are always some type of rumor about new inventions or new additions to the current technology. But this is a great tool! Rumors create what we like to call, buzz! According to Mashable, there are rumors that the iPhone 5 will be released in June!...
Kindergarteners Are Tweeting!
Social media has taken over the world like a brush fire. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn are just a few to name in the top social media platform realm. For most of these sites you must be of a somewhat mature age. But some people get away with...
April Fools Joke Is On Google News
Apparently even news sources like to play April Fools' jokes. A story was ran, saying that Mitt Romney had dropped out of the Presidential election and was endorsing Rick Santorum. Google News saw the story and highlighted it on the news page. But what...
Prank Your CoWorkers
TGIF! It's Friday and everyone's excited for the weekend. Let's get things started this morning by playing a little prank on some co-workers. Mashable has some great ideas on how to get them! Read more here.
FCC Cracks Down ON Customer Data Storage
The FCC is trying to protect consumer's private data from being stored for more than needed by marketers. Marketers are opposed to this because they will use this data to market products/services to these customers according to their preferences and...